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Augmented Reality (AR)Deformable Tubular StructureElectromagnetic TrackingInformatica Tsd EnSurgical SimulatorSurgical Training


An algorithm for wearable stereoscopic augmented reality video see-through systems for a clinical scenario. A video-based tracking solution relies on stereo localization of three monochromatic markers rigidly constrained to the scene. The proposed approach represents an effective solution to the implementation of wearable AR-based surgical navigation systems wherever rigid anatomies are involved.

Technical features

The invention consists of a AR surgical simulator that includes a physical model of one or more anatomical structures, enriched by an electromagnetic localization technology for the acquisition in real-time of position information of hidden anatomical structures, such as tubular structures (e.g. vascular ducts) covered by a connective tissue, and by a visualization technology for the representation of a simulated surgical intervention in an augmented reality environment. Localization information is used to enrich the actual scene of a simulated intervention (e.g. surgical procedure that involves the identification of bile ducts, vascular ducts, etc.) with virtual information, such as position and configuration information assumed by these structures , in order to guide the trainee to operate without damaging the surrounding anatomical structures

Possible Applications

  • Surcical simulation;
  • Laparoscopic surgery;
  • Laparotomic surgery;
  • Robotic surgery.


  • Modular system;
  • Versatile system;
  • Durable components;
  • Minimal cost of spare cost;
  • Realistic interaction between physical models and surgical instruments.