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To attenuate or correct visual defects

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Some ocular pathologies cause visual defects in various portions of the visual field. The invention relates to a method and system for eliminating or attenuating the perception of such defects when the user looks at, in binocular vision, a video played on a display device. Specific embodiments could facilitate reading, writing, manual activities, close-up or remote viewing, self-viewing.

Technical features

The invention is aimed at people affected by visual impairments that cause the perception of visual defects in more portions of the field of view. The invention allows performing some activities such as reading, writing or watching TV, in binocular vision and eliminating or reducing the perception of visual defects, depending on the particular pathology. The method entails a real-time modification of one or more video frames of a video stream to compensate said visual defects. Thus, when the person observes the viewing area, the visual defects perception is eliminated or attenuated. The video stream may be related to any content such as text, images, television broadcasts, live or recorded video, or anything transmitted by a computer’s video output. The viewing area can be associated with various devices such as TV screen, monitor, video projector.

Possible Applications

  • Visual aids for close up viewing, distance viewing, self-viewing (apparatus connected to a CCTV or a magnifier);
  • Visual aids for watching television broadcasts (apparatus connected to a television signal receiver);
  • Visual aids for computer users (apparatus connected to a computer’s video output).


  • Restoring correct binocular vision even when defects are on corresponding retinal points if there is not a loss of information;
  • Improving the binocular vision even in the case of loss of information if defects are on non-corresponding retinal points;
  • Comfortable to use.