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Assessment of taste sensitivity

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The proposed invention is composed by a device, a system and the relating method that allows to measure directly and objectively the degree of activation of the gustatory system. It provides an objective and reliable, easy to use, cost-effective method, which may be used also with large numbers of subjects.

Technical features

The invention enables the registration of the bio-potentials resulting from the response of stimulated taste cells with a taste stimulus.

The device includes:
– an electrode to apply on the dorsal surface of the tongue. The electrode is insulated in order to allow electrical contact with the tongue only in the area in which the taste stimulus is applied;
– a second electrode for the application on the ventral surface of the tongue;
– a third electrode in an electrically neutral position for the signal ground;
– a biopotential measurement system;
– an electronic processing unit adapted to receive and process signals, for analyzing them and displaying their trend over time.

Possible Applications

  • Users profiling;
  • Physiology studies;
  • Biomarker for neurodegenerative disorders;
  • Biomarker for other health issues;
  • Obesity studies.


  • Conventional approaches to quantitative taste perception assessment are based on psychophysical tests, lacking of objectivity. The proposed invention provides an objective and reliable method;
  • The method is easy to use, cost-effective and applicable to large numbers of subjects.