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ASSE – Angle of Attack and Sideslip Estimator

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The main aim of the technology is to provide a synthetic sensor for aerodynamic angle estimation. The ASSE technology can be applied to any flying object since the ASSE method is universal and exact end, therefore, it does not need any calibration. The main goal of the present invention is to limit the first cause of fatal accidents: loss of control due to stall conditions.

Technical features

The ASSE solution is able to calculate analytically aerodynamic angles in dynamic flight condition independently from aircraft type, configuration and weather conditions. The angle of attack is safety-critical for the flight since it enables to identify the stall conditions. The angle of sideslip is important, not safety-critical, to optimise the flight path and to calculate stall conditions during turns or lateral wind. The heart of the invention is the intuition to measure the aerodynamic angles exploiting time histories recorded by from two independent systems (air data system and inertial reference system).

The ASSE technology plays the game on another field if compared with current physical sensors or state-of-the-art synthetic sensors because ASSE is an exact and universal solution.

Possible Applications

  • Any aircraft;
  • Large aeroplanes (CS-25 category);
  • General aviation (CS-23 category);
  • Unmanned aerial vehcles (UAV or drones);
  • Urban air mobility (UAM) vehicles.


  • Cut weight or volumes;
  • Freestream estimation;
  • Independent from aircraft/configuration;
  • No calibration is needed;
  • No need of aircraft mathematical model;
  • Cut of emissions;
  • Significant cost reduction;
  • Improved performance during adverse weather conditions.