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Artificial Wrist

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The present invention relates to a wrist. In particular, the invention is suitable to be used to connect an end effector (preferably a robotic hand or other prosthetic device) to a support (such as a suitably protean robotic arm) allowing a mutual motion between the end effector and the support.

Technical features

The wrist mechanism employs one compression spring, the elastic element which stores energy: this is exploited for both flexion and extension movements through a double cable connection and a particular cable path. The use of one elastic component for two movements, not directly placed into the wrist zone, allows to respect anthropomorphic dimensions and the requested mechanical performances. Thanks to the two transmission cables and their chosen path, the long compression spring can be placed above the hand, where the available space is bigger to maintain the wrist dimensions as small as possible.

Possible Applications

  • Prosthetic;
  • Robotics.


  • Anthropomorphic dimensions respected;
  • Mechanical performances guaranteed;
  • Lightness of the components;
  • Transmission reliability;
  • Repeatable movements of the wrist.