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Articulated ankle-foot orthosis

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Commercially available articulated orthoses, used for rehabilitation, have two shells,  respectively associated to the leg and  the foot and  connected by means of a fixed axis joint imposing the articulation of the patient to an unnatural movement. The invention is equipped with an innovative joint for the connection of the two shells, which allows a more free movement, driven by the natural joint structures.

Technical features

The orthosis is equipped with a joint designed so that the movement of the joint rotation axis is free, even if adequately limited. Also the location of the joint is respectful of patient’s functional characteristic. The orthosis joint consists of several components which, appropriately dimensioned, allow, on the one hand, a relative movement with defined degrees of freedom between the foot and leg, while constituting constraints limiting the movement as required by the conditions of the patient. Also the joint stiffness can be decided by proper definition of the features of its components. The orthosis design is customized based on the identification of joint kinematic characteristic of the patient, performed using adequate techniques of motion analysis. During walking, therefore, the orthosis allows the natural joint movement, while ensuring adequate support to the patient’s functional deficits.

Possible Applications

  • Treatment and care of the musculoskeletal or neurological system deficit of the ankle.


  • More effective therapy for rehabilitation;
  • Natural movement, but appropriately limited;
  • Increased user comfort;
  • Custom design.