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Art Lighting System

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The system consists of a lighting system able to identify the presence of images on a wall, the nature, the size, the position of the works and transmit to a system of processing information related to these data. The system defines the contours of the areas to be illuminated, also calculating the distance between the works, the luminous fluxes, the intensities, the opening angles and the color temperature

Technical features

The current lighting systems of art exhibitions need to be addressed manually because they are not able to independently detect the presence, size and arrangement of the works and information equipment (called “graphics”) placed on the walls. This limitation results in the need to resort to new manual aiming each time a work or a graphic is inserted, moved or removed from the wall and from the exhibition site. For this reason, given the difficulties and the costs of tracking, in almost all Italian and European museums and art galleries, there are bad works or illuminated spots while the presence of illuminated areas without works persists. The system was designed to solve this problem because, unlike all the other systems on the market, it automatically and independently ensures optimal and constant lighting of museums, galleries and all places where works of art are located.

Possible Applications

  • Art exhibitions;
  • Museums;
  • Artworks.


  • Automatic adjustment;
  • Optimal and constant lighting of objects;
  • Identification of objects on the walls;
  • Energy saving.