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Aquaplaning Speed Signal

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The invention consists of a system that, through the real-time measurement of the rainfall and the knowledge of the characteristics of the road where it is installed, it allows to calculate the corresponding aquaplaning speed and to signal to the motorists the speed that in that place and in the conditions of the moment allow you to travel in complete safety.

Technical features

The proposed aquaplaning speed signal (ASS) consists of the following main elements: 1) a rain gauge; 2) a digital electronic device; 3) a light panel; 4) a battery; 5) a solar panel.
Appropriately assembled and linked these elements allow the following operations to be carried out in an appropriate sequence: 1) measuring rainfall in real time; 2) on the basis of the detected rainfall, determination of the runoff formed on the specific roadway that is located in the vicinity of the ASS; 3) on the basis of the of the water depth, the corresponding aquaplaning speed of a vehicle can be evaluated; 4) based on the given aquaplaning speed, the recommended safety speed can be reported in a light panel.

Possible Applications

  • Widespread use on all highways;
  • Possible installation in secondary roads with a well know risk of aquaplaning (e.g. before dangerous curves);
  • If integrated with a simple thermometer, it could also signal the possible ice formation.


  • General risk decrease of crash due to aquaplaning;
  • In the case of heavy rains, increased safety;
  • In the case of low rainfall, saving unnecessary time wasted;
  • Equipment management costs could be shared with anyone interested to use rainfall data.