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Balanced HIPROSS – High Performance Road Survey System

3D surveyActive balanceGough-Stewart’s platformLaser lightiningRoad pavement survey


Apparatus for plotting the state of land surfaces by means of a vehicle moving with respect to their profile, comprising optical and telemetry means for reconstruction and roughness measurement. The apparatus is equipped with mechanical compensation means for the movements of the vehicle which make it possible to connect the optical and telemetry means to the vehicle itself represented by two image acquisition systems for 2D and 3D analysis.

Technical features

Balancing of the acquisition system is obtained by means of a 6 degrees of freedom Stewart’s platform. All the optical and laser sensors needed for 2D and 3D survey of the pavement surface are mounted on a beam, bound to the mobile part of the platform. In this specific configuration, data acquisition is performed through 2 couples of line and 3D (using optical triangulation) cameras, with laser system for pavement surface illumination, but acquisition and lighting systems can be properly calibrated according to the specific survey needs. A computer handles the platform dynamic balancing, by elaborating a complex data set related to the platform actuators and to information acquired by two inertial measurement units: one bound to the fixed platform (moving with the vehicle) and one bound to the moving platform. These units assure accurate measures (accelerometric, gyroscopic, magnetometric) with adequate frequency to suddenly balance the actions suffered by the vehicle during motion.

Possible Applications

  • Urban and suburban roads mapping;
  • Topographic measurements;
  • City street, airport street, agricultural road monitoring.


  • Vibration Reduction;
  • Detection speed 40-50 km / h;
  • Image resolution up to 1 mm;
  • Recording quality correction system.