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Apparatus for the intraoperative analysis of biological tissue samples

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The integrated tactile – ultrasound analysis system allows to carry out a quantitative investigation of parameters related to the mechanical-acoustic-ultrasonic characteristics with the aim of identifying inclusions within homogeneous tissue and providing useful information for the diagnosis of pathologies. The system acquires the shape of the sample and automatically scans the tissue.

Technical features

The device performs operations to support the biopsy examination, allowing the identification of the nodules of a histological sample, to perform the biopsy of the nodule with a machine downstream of the apparatus. It consists of an ultrasound probe, connected to a six-axis load cell, moved through a motorized platform, which moves at a programmable inclination with respect to the surface of the tissue and is placed in contact with the tissue allowing to obtain the information that characterize it (tactile and ultrasound). The tactile information is extrapolated from the force recorded by the load cell and from the position recorded by the platform by touching the fabric on certain positions obtained through a camera dedicated to the acquisition of the sample shape. An HD camera system provides visual and optical information to pre-classify the sample based on color and shape. The signals from the sensors and cameras are integrated on a screen and made available to the pathological anatomy specialist.

Possible Applications

  • Histological analyses, including intra-operative, in diagnostics and oncological surgery;
  • Oncological analysis and diagnosis;
  • Intraoperative analysis of tissues;
  • Integrated tactile ultrasound analysis;
  • Sampling of anatomical pieces.


  • Remote analysis;
  • Immediate response to the operating department.