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microfabricationOptical Fiberoptoelectronics


The invention is about a technological process that allows to integrate miniaturized optoelectronic chips (e.g. LEDs, lasers, photodetectors, etc.) on the tip of an optical fiber in a monolithic and deterministic manner. The process allows to obtain the electrical contact of the device directly on the fiber tip allowing to achieve a high degree of compaction.

Technical features

The patent describes a technological process to integrate in a deterministic way on the tip of an optical fiber a compact optoelectronic chip, with typical dimensions of hundreds of square microns (TRL 3). The process allows to implement the electrical contacts directly at the fiber tip drastically reducing the overall footprint of the device. In particular, micro-fabrication techniques are used to precisely make an opening on the metallized face of the fiber, at its core, and a series of alignment markers. Then, the optoelectronic component is transferred, aligned and glued on the fiber tip, obtaining the electrical contact. The markers manufactured allow deterministic alignment of the chip on the fiber core with submicrometric accuracy.
Compared to the state of the art and the techniques proposed so far, our approach allows for the first time to achieve a monolithic integration of an optoelectronic component on the tip of an optical fiber, with a high coupling efficiency, a yield of more than 90%, and manufacturing times compatible with large-scale production.

Possible Applications

  • Wearable technologies;
  • Biorobotics and telemedicine technologies;
  • Point of care diagnostic units (biolaser);
  • Miniature photon devices for iot.


  • High yield of manufacture;
  • High level of compactness;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Compatibility with large-scale production;
  • Flexibility (compatible with different types of fibers and chips).