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Apparatus and Process for Plastic Upgrading and Conversion

Circular economyPlasmixPlastic waste upgradingThermal conversionZero Waste


A new process and apparatus for the thermal conversion of plastic wastes into high value-added products in a circular economy. The end-of-life mix of plastic wastes are transformed in lubricant bases and hydrogen.

Technical features

A new method, process and apparatus for the chemical conversion of organic solids, specifically plastic wastes, also known as plasmix. The variability of plasmix and its complex composition does not allow for its recovery in a circular economy through chemical means, except in small quantities or at a great cost for the environment. The proposed solution allows for the chemical conversion of plastics and plasmix, without any component removal, yielding high levels of lubricant bases to be hydrofinished and hydrogen. The process of degradation of mixtures involves a melting step, followed by a dehalogenation step of the melted mixture through the production of gaseous halogenated acid, and finally a degradation of the dehalogenated mixture within a mild thermal reactor.

Possible Applications

  • Green chemistry;
  • Waste recovery and disposal;
  • Industrial waste management;
  • Polyethylene/polypropylene production;
  • Waste to chemicals conversion;
  • Oil/gas engineering and energy sector;
  • Lubricants.


  • Low thermal degradation and treatment temperatures;
  • Targeted and segregated removal of HCl;
  • Absence of clinkering;
  • Reduction of solid residues;
  • High production yields;
  • Sustainable process.