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The present invention consists of a technique for performing photonic simulations of two-dimensional physical systems. In particular, the simulations are mainly based on the implementation of the so-called “quantum walks” of photons in a two-dimensional space.

Technical features

The invention consists of a sequence of partially reconfigurable optical devices crossed by a laser beam or quantum light. Light propagation through these devices, based on liquid crystal technology (Fig. 1, marketing annex), creates artificial couplings between specific spatial and polarization modes of light. In the focal plane of a lens, these modes are spatially resolved and correspond to different light spots (Fig. 2, marketing annex). The regulation of these couplings allows to simulate particular quantum phenomena, which can then be studied experimentally in a controlled and completely accessible system. Together with other systems based on integrated photonics, which represent the most used scheme for this type of application, these technologies represent the starting block for the development of both classical and quantum photonic computers.

Possible Applications

  • Simulation of quantum dynamics;
  • Engineering of high-dimensional quantum states;
  • Quantum computing.


  • Reconfigurability;
  • Possibility of coupling a very high number of modes;
  • Low cost of production;
  • Possibility of use with quantum states of light.