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Antiviral coating via co-sputtering technique

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An innovative coating, composed of a glass matrix with embedded metallic nanoclusters with tailored antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties according to applications. The coating is deposited via co-sputtering technique on several substrates as metals, ceramics and polymers with improved thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance without the nanoparticles release into the environment.

Technical features

The innovative coating with antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties is composed of a glass or ceramic matrix (silica, allumina, titania or others) with well embedded metallic nanoclusters (silver, zinc or copper). The composite coating is obtained by means co-sputtering technique,  where, at the same time, two or three bulk targets have been deposited on several substrates (metals, ceramics, polymers).The sputtering process is an ecofriendly technique and easily to be scale up. The antiviral layer is characterized by high thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance able to tolerate thermal cycles up to 450°C without alterating antimicrobial properties and without releasing nanoparticles into the environment. The antimicrobial behavior occuring through ions release is tailored according to the applications, setting process parameters.

Possible Applications

  • Air filtration system;
  • Biomedical devices;
  • Everyday-life products (mobile phone);
  • Personnel protective systems;
  • Portion of aerospace inflatable modulus affected by microbial proliferation.


  • Metallic nanoparticles well embedded into the matrix and not released into the environment;
  • Metal ion release tailored according to applications;
  • High thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance thanks to the matrix;
  • Ecofriendly sputtering methods and easily to be scaled up.