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Antiseptic molecule

DisinfectantFabric treatmentPreservativesSubstitute for parabensSurgical instruments sterilization


The invention concerns a new molecule with antimicrobial effect, with demonstrated activity on both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. Among the potential applications are included: the use as disinfectant for surfaces, surgical instrumentation, devices; inhibitor of bacterial charge in active packaging and in textile finishing. Furthermore, the new antimicrobial is a valid alternative to the use of parabens in the cosmetic-pharmaceutical field.

Technical features

The new molecule demonstrates antimicrobial activity comparable, and in some cases better, to that of the currently used domifene bromide progenitor. Furthermore, the antimicrobial effect is guaranteed over time by the greater stability demonstrated by the new compound. The potential applications include the use of the molecule as a surface disinfectant, surgical instrumentation and devices, as a bacterial charge inhibitor in active packaging and in textile finishing. Actually, Domiphene bromide, having an antiseptic activity on both Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria, is used as a preservative in pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations and in some products for hygiene in common use (for example toothpaste or mouthwashes). In cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations this compound could be used as an alternative preservative to parabens.

Possible Applications

  • Disinfectant treatment of surfaces and medical devices
  • Textile finishing
  • Preservative in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products
  • Active packaging


  • High antimicrobial activity
  • Stability
  • Replacement of parabens in products for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • Sustainability of the production process