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Antiox-Filter for hemodyalisis

Antioxidant compoundsCartridgeHemodialysisOxidative stressPlasma grafting-like


Antiox-Filter relates to a process for the preparation of a functionalized polymeric dialysis cartridge with antioxidant compounds with the aim of reducing the oxidative stress in hemodialysis process, without impairing the proper functioning of the cartridge.

Technical features

The use of the “plasma grafting-like” technique allows to obtain a bioactive dialytic cartridges (starting from a traditional cartridge already present on the market) thanks to the covalent insertion of antioxidant molecules onto the polymer chains constituting the conventional dialysis membranes. The antioxidant molecules linked to the cartridge perform a free radical scavenging activity. The action is due to their intrinsic chemical properties, electronic stabilization and delocalization. This effect reduces drastically the levels of free oxygen (ROS) and nitrogen (RNS) radicals that cause damage to the cellular structures of dialysis patients. The antioxidant capacity of the functionalized fiber obtained was evaluated by different assays including the test for the determination of scavenger activity on different types of radicals.

Possible Applications

  • The polymer-antioxidant conjugates that are obtained inside the cartridges represent an innovation in the world of semi-finished materials of the pharmaceutical market and of medical devices;
  • Technology to be used in dialysis centers, to be carried out during the washing of dialysis circuits.


  • Starting from traditional dialysis cartridges;
  • 70% reduction of oxidative stress;
  • Implementation costs contained;
  • Consequent reduction of public health expenditure;
  • Reduction of side effects related to high oxidative stress.