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Antimicrobial light barrier with airflow

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Ultra-efficient airborne viral load abatement device based on ultraviolet radiation (over 1000 times more efficient than solar radiation), but much safer for humans than classical germicidal lamps. In combination with a ventilation system, it creates a few cm air barrier with humidity, temperature and ultraviolet density hostile to microorganisms.

Technical features

The use of UV rays for disinfection has long been known, as has the danger of UV radiation from classic germicidal lamps, since, by reaching the DNA of the germ layer of the skin, it can induce mutations.
The device covered by the patent is a combined barrier of ultraviolet light in the 200-230 nm range and a temperature- and humidity-controlled vertical (top-to-bottom) airflow. The UVC radiation used is lethal to viruses, but cannot penetrate the superficial stratum corneum of the skin. The UVC sources used are excimer lamps, but if technological development allows, they will be replaced by LEDs.
Air flow acts on airborne viruses and aims to: 1) move them away from the respiratory tract; 2) increase their path in the ultraviolet radiation field; and 3) create the humidity and temperature environment that is known to be most hostile to their survival. Part of the device is an intelligent system that can turn off the radiation in case people’s skin is exposed through the barrier. TRL= 4.

Possible Applications

  • Nonphysical barrier between people in static situations;
  • Abatement of microbial load between areas in air communication;
  • Sanitization of confined environments not permanently occupied by people (e.g., livestock farms).


  • Use in the presence of people and animals;
  • Continuity of services normally blocked in the event of a pandemic;
  • Safety system for airborne diseases.