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cancerCancroDivalent Metal TransporterNon-transferrin-bound ironZinc-regulated transporter Iron-regulated transporter like Protein


The invention is a subset of new anticancer molecules able to block the uptake of non-transferrin-bound iron by cancer cells, so eliminating a pivotal and particularly enhanced energy source in the neoplastic cells.

Technical features

The invention consists in the development of new bio-tolerable antibodies (humanized, chimeras) capable of blocking the membrane proteins DMT (Divalent Metal Transporter) and ZIP (Zinc-regulated transporter Iron-regulated transporter like Protein) assigned to the internalization of non-transferrin-bound iron inside cancer cells. This interaction results in an intracellular depletion of non-transferrin-bound iron with subsequent metabolic and proliferative blockage of the cancer cells, mechanism that can be exploited for therapeutic purposes in cancer patients.

Possible Applications

  • Oncology;
  • Precision medicine;
  • Oncohaematology;
  • Cytostatic mono-/polytherapy;
  • Chemotherapy protocols;
  • Rescue chemotherapy;
  • Molecular targeted therapy;
  • Oncotherapy of «big killers».


  • Activity towards solid and liquid malignancies;
  • Higher activity against aggressive cancers;
  • Activity towards tumors with multiple genetic mutations and with epigenetic alterations;
  • Activity in tumors with microsatellite instability;
  • Associable with other chemotherapy drugs also conjugated with transferrin.