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Antibody against Morgana for cancer treatment

ImmunotherapyMacrophagesmetastasimetastasisMonoclonal AntibodyT Lymphocytes


The invention relates to an antibody that blocks the extracellular activity of Morgana, a protein secreted by cancer cells that induces cell migration resulting in the formation of metastases. Furthermore, the antibody object of the invention recruits some cells of the immune system, blocking the growth of the primary tumor.


Technical features

Morgana is a protein secreted only by cancer cells, such as breast and colon cancer cells, but not by healthy ones. When secreted in the tumors microenvironment, Morgana binds to specific membrane receptors promoting the migration of cancer cells. The antibody object of this invention blocks the extracellular activity of Morgana and is therefore an excellent therapeutic strategy to inhibit the formation of tumor metastases. An additional therapeutic effect of this antibody is its ability to recruit specific cells of the immune system (macrophages and CD8+ T lymphocytes) in the primary tumor and consequently to inhibit tumor growth. Given that tumors with low levels of CD8+ T lymphocytes have a lower chance of response to conventional chemotherapies and immunological checkpoint inhibitors, the proposed antibody is also an interesting candidate for new combinatorial therapies in tumors.

Possible Applications

  • Tumors resistant to conventional immunotherapies;
  • Therapeutic combination with immunological checkpoints inhibitors;
  • Combination with chemotherapy to improve its efficacy;
  • Anti-metastatic treatment.


  • Intravenous administration;
  • CD8+ T lymphocytes recruitment in tumors with low infiltration;
  • Not invasive treatment of metastatic tumor.