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Antibacterial coatings obtained by Radio Frequency co-sputtering

Antibacterial coatingsHigh temperaturesRadiofrequenciessilversputtering


This invention relates to a method for conferring antibacterial properties to a substrate. The substrate is coated with a vitreous material, ceramic or glass-ceramic containing in its interior a metal having antibacterial characteristics. The coating takes place by means of radio frequency sputtering technique.

Technical features

Many applications for healthcare or surgical devices or simply for everyday use need antibacterial properties. Various antibacterial materials are known, among them silver. Several techniques are available to provide an antibacterial functionality on different materials: the main drawback  is that they generally do not provide mechanically and thermally stable surfaces. The novelty of this approach is to provide a coating method suitable to coat several substrates, with high wear and thermal resistance and antibacterial properties which are active for an extended period of time and temperature range, without causing resistance as it happens with common antibiotics.

Possible Applications

  • Antibacterial coatings for several substrates;
  • Medical devices;
  • Air filters;
  • Food industry: food handling.


  • Demonstrated antibacterial effect on bacteria and fungi;
  • Bacteria cannot develop resistance towards silver;
  • Higher thermal and mechanical resistance with respect to current solutions;
  • Suitable for several substrates;
  • Reliable process ready to be industrialized.