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Antibacterial and antifungal formulation against skin infections

Antibiotic resistanceantifungalAntimicrobialsessential oilsnatural extract


The present invention relates to the use of essential oils derived from wild plants to develop medical devices and functional cosmetic products characterized by antibacterial and antifungal activity for treating skin infections. Such products can be effectively used in the treatment of both human and animal infectious diseases (TRL 3).

Technical features

The patent consists of a topical formulation with antibacterial and antifungal activities in which two wild plant extracts behave synergistically. The first aspect relates to a composition comprising an extract of a plant belonging to the genus Tetradenia and an extract of a plant belonging to the genus Zingiber. A second aspect relates to the composition for use as a medicament. A third aspect relates to the composition in the treatment or prevention of a bacterial and/or fungal infection. A fourth aspect relates to the non-therapeutic cosmetic use of the composition, as a skin moisturizing agent and/or as a repellent. Tetradenia extract, present in concentrations ranging from 1-10% and Zingiber extract in percentages ranging from 15-30% constitute the active ingredients responsible for the innovative activity and efficacy.

Possible Applications

  • Antimicrobial topical formulation;
  • Antifungal topical formulation;
  • Moisturizing topical formulation;
  • Repellent topical formulation;
  • Medical device.


  • Natural extracts;
  • Synergistic biological activity;
  • Simple preparation;
  • Readily available plants;
  • Biodegradable waste;
  • Use of green methods and solvents.