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Anti-Sloshing Double-Chambers Tank

Additive ManufacturingDouble-ChamberSelf-EstinguishersloshingTank


The invention defines a double chamber anti-sloshing tank, that includes an external shell and an internal self-supporting structure which divides internal volume in 2 separate non-communicating chambers, obtained by additive manufacturing

Technical features

The invention in about additive manufacturing tanks designed to stock and/or to transport multiphase substances (liquids, gas, solids or mixture), with a specific internal structure made by a periodic internal cells system that can avoid sloshing during transport oscillations (or earthquake oscillation, or accidental bumps); moreover, it is possible to have 2 separate non-communicating chambers filled with 2 different fluids, even antagonists: in case of crash and fluid leakage, the effects of this leakage will be neutralized. TRL= 3 – 4 (July 2021).

Possible Applications

  • Tank for the safe containment and transport of fluids in the aerospace field;
  • Tank for the safe containment and transport of fluids in the automotive field and logistics;
  • Unpressurized tank for the containment of fluids for civil/industrial applications;
  • Pressurized or unpressurized tanks for the containment of fluids in agriculture or food industry.


  • Separation of the tank in two independent chambers to allow the split transport of fluids/substances;
  • Transport of fluid, and fire extinguisher/inhibitive substance/fluid in two separate chambers;
  • Reduction of the sloshing through partition of the tank internal structure