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Anti-ice system integrated in primary Aircraft structure

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A de-icing system fully integrated inside the structural panel of the leading edges. It is made by an aluminium or titanium sandwich panel with a trabecular core that has a structural function and acts as heat exchanger. The invention allows for an improvement of the thermal efficiency along with a reduction of the global mass of the wing.

Technical features

A new Anti-Ice/De-Ice system for aircrafts is presented together with its relative method of fabrication. This novel component integrates in a single part both the passageways of the hot-air through the external skin and the feeding tubes without assemblages or welding. In this manner there is an enhancing on the heat power exchanged along with a reduction of the weight of the system. Together with the design it is also proposed the methodology for fabricating this component in an efficient way using additive manufacturing. With this technique it is possible to control the geometry of the lattice core punctually, resulting in an optimised structure able to exchange heat and sustain the load applied. This invention finds its application on the leading edges of fixed wing aircrafts as well as on helicopters, nacelles of engines and terrestrial application where high thermal efficiency is needed.

Possible Applications

  • Anti-Ice system for aircrafts or helicopters;
  • Anti-Ice system for engine’s nacelles;
  • Anti-Ice in the fan blades;
  • Terrestrial high efficiency-heat exchanger.


  • Better energy absorption;
  • Reduced thickness on the external wall;
  • System simplification;
  • Simplified maintenance;
  • Multi functional integration;
  • More free space in the wing-box.