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This invention is about a process assuring the originality of consumer products. It realizes a unique binding of a consumer product to a special code named Physical Authentication Code (PAC). Thanks to a special cryptographic signature algorithm coupled with a state condition, a PAC is unforgeable, not clonable and it can be used just one time.

Technical features

In each PAC an unforgeable special digital signature is linked to a state condition. The special digital signature gives corroborate evidence of product’s specifications and its source of origin. The state condition can be updated only by authorized personnel, in order to guarantee PAC freshness: after being issued, each PAC cannot be cloned or used more than once. For each consumer product, only the producer can create an authentic PAC. This results in a labeling process which is compliant with modern industry processes and standards (e.g., Universal Product Coding (UPC)). Consumers, Control Bodies and Agencies can get corroborate evidence of products’ source of origin and specifications thanks to a certtified sofware (e.g. a matrix code reader) for mobile devices. Authorized sellers have certfied software (and, optionally, hardware) for checking PACs and upgrading their state.

Possible Applications

  • Protection from counterfeiting;
  • Protection from good theft during their distribution and sale;
  • Trademark/Brand protection;
  • Tracking of the sold out with conformance to the GDPR.


  • Consumers, Control Bodies and Agencies can easily and quickly check the authenticity of a consumer product;
  • Producers protect goods from theft and counterfeit during their distribution and sale;
  • Support for other services; e.g. GDPR compliant tracking of the sold out for producers.