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Antagonism of β3 adrenoceptor for the treatment of cancer immune tolerance

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The invention relates to the use of beta-blocking compounds, in particular the antagonist of β3 adrenoceptor (β3-ARs), for the treatment of immune-tolerance associated with pathological states, such as cancer. The β3 adrenoceptor, up-regulated in a hypoxic environment, recruits in the tumor microenvironment the cells involved in immune-tolerance (MDSC e Treg) replacing the cells involved in immune-competence (CD8 and NK)

Technical features

The compounds of the invention allow the development of immunomodulatory drugs for oncological purposes, since they are capable to counteract the immuno-tolerance generated by tumors. In particular, the invention focuses on the role of β3-ARs key receptors in the formation of a local and systemic micro-environment oriented towards immuno-tolerance, contributing significantly to decrease the immune system’s response. The creation of selective receptor antagonists to β3-ARs can therefore lead to the development of new drugs able to recognize, bind and inhibit the β3-ARs receptor, so as to restore the immune-surveillance compromised by the tumor.

Possible Applications

  • Development of new drugs;
  • Oncology.


  • Treatment targeting;
  • Drug targeting;
  • Improvement of the Immuno-surveillance in cancer patients