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ANALYTICareS, Patient Monitoring Device

graphical interfaceMonitoringPersonalised Medicine


The patented device provides an integrated and automated intelligent decision support system for medical use.

Technical features

The proposed product/service is presented as a device that, through the interaction of hw/sw modules, offers to the medical/healthcare user or patient a specific graphical interface (GUI) to display information related to the clinical status of the patient . All the analytics features within the device, allow to evaluate the onset of collateral pathologies, enucleated from the level determined by risk factors. The device offers data acquisition from medical devices and is able to provide physicians with decision support in the phases of management and monitoring of the pathology and its complications. This is done via tools that allow the creation of customized logics for statistical analysis and for the visualization of temporal trends related to clinical parameters and their correlation. The device boasts a guided assistant, thanks to a logic with a guided approach, and the results of the evaluation can be used by any user thanks to an App for mobile devices and a browser-oriented web presentation module.

Possible Applications

  • Enables the assessment of customizable clinical risk severity indices for poly-pathological patients;
  • Automatically generates global indicators related to the severity of a disease.


  • Optimize clinical activities in terms of cost, duration, effort;
  • Support the clinician in defining any corrective actions;
  • Provide tools for statistical analysis and visualization of time trends;
  • Group cohorts of patients on the basis of defined parameters (set by the user).