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Analysis of Extracellular vesicles in a biological fluid sample

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The object of the invention is a flow cytometry method for the identification, counting and isolation of circulating extracellular vesicles (EVs) detectable in different biological fluid samples (blood, plasma, tears, saliva, cerebrospinal and synovial fluid, ascitic tumour or urine). The invention opens new routes for the development of tailored therapies based on liquid biopsy.

Technical features

The invention relates to an ex vivo method for the identification, enumeration, and classification of circulating extracellular vesicles present in a biological fluid sample, for example, blood, plasma, tears, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid, ascitic tumour or urine, using flow cytometry techniques. The method can also be applied to the characterisation and counting of extracellular vesicles present in the supernatant of cell lines following physiological or pathological stimuli.

It is not possible to establish an a priori concentration range. Surely the minimum detectable concentration is zero, the maximum concentration should be stabilized on the basis of the cases examined.

Possible Applications

  • Identify, classify, enumerate, and isolate circulating EVs from different cell origins and bodily fluids;
  • Advanced tool for new biomarker discovery;
  • Advanced tool for the analysis of liquid biopsy in the context of personalised therapy.


  • Quick results;
  • Not manipulated samples;
  • Flow cytometry multiparametric analysis;
  • Characterisation of different EV subtypes;
  • Protocols for instrumental EV separation;
  • Potential clinical applications.