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Alum-free Jellyfish treatment for human consumption

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The invention consists in a stabilisation method for preparing alum-free jellyfish, with safety and quality suitable for human consumption, by using calcium salts since they are stabilising and thickening agents allowed in Europe. The treated jellyfish can be used in producing several food preparations.

Technical features

The invention describes a process for treatment of edible jellyfish consisting in the following steps: harvesting, pre-treating by separation of umbrella and oral arms and extensive washing with fresh water to eliminate the gastric content, soaking of the tissues in brines containing calcium salts, washing of the treated tissues and storage in freezer. Treated jellyfish can be directly cooked under vacuum and served as it is, used as ingredients for preparing seasonings for fish-based dishes, mousses, salted snacks. The proposed method completely excludes the use of the toxic aluminium salts for jellyfish stabilisation and generates products that are safe from the main microbiological and toxic heavy metal hazards, improved in quality aspects (texture, pH, freshness, nutritional compounds), characterised by peculiar and positive sensory traits.


Possible Applications

  • New supply chain for the jellyfish sustainable use;
  • New models of gelatinous organisms’ consumption in Western countries;
  • Production of new foods satisfactory for Western perceptions, by reducing the use of terrestrial animal derivatives;
  • New opportunities for the fishing, seafood, and marine sectors.


  • No toxic alum;
  • New products, completely different from commercially available ones and closer to the western style;
  • Products following the European quality and safety standards;
  • Low cost technologies, available in food industries;
  • Food chain monitoring and traceability of raw materials and products.