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All-in-one geo heat exchangers with sensors

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All-in-one pipes with sensors, able to be employed with geothermal heat pumps as borehole heat exchangers. This novel design allows to perform Electric Distributed Thermal Response Test without the expensive and complex TRT machine. This cheap solution allows the system monitoring for the years to come after installation

Technical features

The correct design of the Borehole heat exchanger field for geothermal heat pump application needs the knowledge of the ground thermal properties. The present solution does not need any use of traditional TRT machine. Based on digital sensors, special pipe geometry, detailed modelling of the heat transfer process, it is possible to infer along the depth the ground and even grout thermal conductivity. As an additional feature, the all in one pipe allows system monitoring for the years to come.

Possible Applications

  • Geotherma heat pumps for building heating and cooling (about a million plants today in Europe)



  • Low cost;
  • Reliable measurements;
  • Distributed measurements;
  • Nothing similar in the Market.