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Algorithm guide for hikers

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This hiking algorithm, based on the user’s biological characteristics (anthropometric parameters, physical activity level, cardiovascular risk, and chronic diseases) and path characteristics (slope, length, and elevation), provides specific indications to predict whether the trail is suitable for the user’s characteristics and the ideal walking time.

Technical features

This patent is a practical aid for the hiker to make an informed choice of the safest route suitable for his or her functional level and health status.
The indications offered by this algorithm have the main purpose of identifying, on the basis of the maximum measured or estimated oxygen consumption, the load carried, and the exercise intensity appropriate to the user, the ideal minimum walking time for a route (considering a set of stretches of different length, slope, and altitude) in safety, while also offering useful additional information based on the subject’s medical history. The technologies currently on the market aim solely at improving performance without considering the individual’s possible pathologies to enable him or her to safely perform hiking itineraries.

Possible Applications

  • Development of a web platform and app for ‘hiking with possible interaction with wearable devices;
  • Implementation of service for GPS tracking of physical activity as SaaS in existing software.


  • High customization that includes  the subject’s  pathological characteristics;
  • Travel times calculation based on the safety of the person, not on the performance;
  • Feasibility of the trail based on the characteristics of the specific user.