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Air filter with anti-bacterial properties

Air purifierAntibacterial filterPhotocatalytic film


An innovative filter that can not only break down solid particulate matter (PTS) and oxidise volatile organic components (VOCs), but also completely eliminate the bacteria stuck on it. The filter is treated with titanium dioxide Solgel and illuminated by UV LEDs so that it is photocatalytic

Technical features

Filter with a polyester base structure that is three-dimensionally woven so that on the two sides it has a dense weave/edged structure and on the inside a “columnar” structure that can block a large amount of solid particulate matter inside it without clogging. Superficially it is incorporated with nickel or silver and coated with a photocatalytic film of titanium dioxide Solgel obtained by dipping or spraying. Finally, illumination of the filter with ultraviolet light obtained by lamps or better LED UVA or UVC is provided. The filter can have any size in length and width and a thickness ranging from 3 to 8.3 mm. The device can be used either alone or in conjunction with other types of filters.

The product development has been completed and the filters are ready to be put into production and exploited commercially.

Possible Applications

  • As substitutes for activated carbon filters;
  • Air conditioning systems;
  • Air purifiers;
  • Hoods and refrigerators.


  • High absorption capacity of solid particulate matter;
  • Ability to kill bacteria stuck on the filter;
  • Ability to be machine washed;
  • Reduced risk of clogging.