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AEQUIP (Automated Enhanced QUantitative imaging in Immunohistochemistry and Pathology) wants to be a product for the evaluation of histological sections, which will allow the automatic extraction of all the parameters useful to the pathologist to define more accurate diagnoses for the patient. AEQUIP product is designed for the medical industry and, specifically, for the anatomical pathology.

Technical features

AEQUIP has the VISION to revolutionize the diagnostic system, helping the specialist with a computational tool in all the operations where it is important to have quantitative and detailed parameters. So, the pathologist will use these data to define specific diagnosis for each patient. AEQUIP is based on an innovative algorithm that allows rapid extraction of pathological parameters within histological images. The versatility of AEQUIP’s product will allow to analyze different types of tissue and diseases.

Possible Applications

  • Hospitals;
  • Laboratories of anatomical pathology;
  • Research institutes;
  • Specialized centers.


  • Quantitative and repeatable data;
  • Reduction of human error;
  • Diagnosis more accurate;
  • Automated and rapidly method;
  • Multi-tissue method.