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Advanced eco-friendly screen facade

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The solutions proposed by the market to create advanced screen facades are many and able to allow the application of many different cladding materials, in any design configuration required.  To date, the various types of wood available are extremely prohibitive in terms of costs, both because of the entirely manual installation and because of the difficult applicability to irregular surfaces. This patented technology reduces overall costs by offering the possibility of a prefabricated facade in modular certified wood.

Technical features

The patented technology combines an aluminum substructure with a Pinus Radiata wood cladding panel, appropriately treated, in order to create a commercially competitive technology compared to other advanced screen facades. The configuration of the panel, which ensures ample transpiration of the wooden material, means that it can also be used as a sunscreen by simply alternating a crosspiece and a void rather than consecutive crosspieces. In this way, a shielding effect is obtained, which is not darkening. This coating is made entirely in the factory, and the fact that it is characterized by an industrialized prefabrication process is the main cause of a significant reduction in costs. The presence of the substructure also offers the possibility of external wooden coatings to be adjusted in the three spatial directions to absorb construction tolerances and errors and to vary the thickness of the thermal insulation and the air gap according to the design requirements. Therefore, this advanced and patented screen facade system can be used for new buildings and/or for the energy and aesthetic improvement of existing ones, thanks to the use of Pinus Radiata wood and not of composite wood.

Possible Applications

  • Public and private building;
  • Eco friendly building.


  • Prefabricated wood cladding;
  • Modular wood panels;
  • Energy improvement of buildings;
  • Eco-sustainable prefabricated buildings.