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Additives for making antibacterial nanocomposite

Anti-bacterial surfacesNano-coating fragmentationRF sputteringSilver nanocomposites


Production of antibacterial additives for common plastic materials (in domestic and public environments) or more technical ones (electrical or biomedical). The known antibacterial properties of silver are combined with  the latest technological innovations in nanotechnology. Plastic pellets are coated with metal nano-films: these additives become an antibacterial nanocomposite during plastic manufacturing.

Technical features

The production of a new additive, containing metallic silver (no salts with silver ions) in the form of nano-film is obtained. The maximum weight content of silver is 0.5%, lower than common additives. Our innovative idea consists in the use of silver coating of plastic granules that becomes an antibacterial nanocomposite during plastic manufacturing. This way, the use of nanoparticles in the first phase of granules manufacturing is avoided and there is a nano-coating fragmentation during the manufacturing process.

Possible Applications

  • Domestic appliances;
  • Biomedical devices;
  • Baby-care;
  • Sports;
  • Space applications.


  • Low percentages to be added;
  • Full compatibility with the matrix;
  • No production or handling of nanoparticles (dangerous for health);
  • Low production costs.