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Additive manufactured UV cured composite propellants for rocket propulsion



An innovative production process for composite propellant grains for rocket propulsion, in which the mixture is composed by solid components (e.g. oxidizer) and liquid (e.g. monomer or prepolymer) is layered and reticulated thanks to a photo polymerization process.

Technical features

The idea consists to relieve the propellant grain production process from the classical method, characterized by some limits, the greatest regarding the internal geometry configuration. In order to make it possible, more than one formulation has been developed, capable to fully polymerize in a very short time, thus allowing a continuous deposition process able to permit a detailed control on the final geometries; that has been feasible thanks to the usage of an UV photo polymerization procedure. It is thus possible to simplify the production process, reduce the costs, limit the presence of toxic compounds, enhance the degree of freedom and control over the project.

Possible Applications

  • Rocket propulsion for applications;
  • Rocket propulsion for research and scientific purposes (sounding rocket);
  • Cartridge production for signal-emergency rocket or similar;
  • Energetic pellet production for gas-generator systems.


  • Risks reduction during the curing phase;
  • Toxicity reduction both in production and in usage phase;
  • Production costs reduction;
  • Increase the degree of freedom in thrust control;
  • Increase in geometries;
  • Prototyping.