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The invention relates to a double outputs mechanism which can selectively activate or disactivate one of the two outputs by means of a secondary actuator.

Technical features

The current actuator has been designed to offer a low-weight, low-noise two outputs (1a and 1b in Fig 2) at different gear ration solution for prosthetic and robotic application by using a power motor. The two outputs can be selectively activated or disactivated thanks to a secondary actuator and a cam-mechanism which allow the solution to reduce space in application in which the reduced dimension play a key role. It can be used for tendon-driven application thanks to the two pulleys used as outputs.

Possible Applications

  • Prosthetics;
  • Robotics.


  • Only one power motor used for two power outputs;
  • Reduced space and weight with respect to two outputs mechanism;
  • Two outputs at different gear ratio one with respect to the other.