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Active packaging for fruit and vegetables

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The invention refers to an active packaging for the transportation of fruit and vegetables, able to inhibit the decay processes, the color degradation and the microbial proliferation within foodstuff contained in the packaging. As a result, its shelf-life is prolonged. These aspects generate significant advantages in terms of expanding to new markets and reducing food waste.


Technical features

The invention consists of packaging for fruits and vegetables, supplemented with an antimicrobial solution spread on its surface, which remains during the packing, distribution and purchase of the product. The innovation claims to reduces the alteration phenomena linked to the development of spoilage microorganisms of the fruit and vegetable products contained in the packaging.

The antimicrobial solution is a mixture composed of water with specific active substances added. The aldehydes have been chosen for the  mixture formulation due to their renown antimicrobial properties, since they are both active against many spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms, and are organoleptically compatible with the packaged fruits and vegetables.

Possible Applications

  • Fruit and vegetables packaging;
  • Production and distribution of fruit and vegetables;
  • Agroindustrial sector.


  • Delayed development of eventual pathogenic microorganisms present on packaged fruit;
  • Reduced cross-contamination of the packaged products;
  • Prolonged shelf-life;
  • Drastically reduced food waste;
  • Possibility to expand to new long distance markets.