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ACL Quick Check: knee injury risk biomechanical analysis

Anterior cruciate ligamentfunctional biomechanical analysisknee injury riskknee movement videospressure-sensitive insoles.


ACL Quick Check is a biomechanical analysis system applicable directly on the field for estimating the risk of anterior cruciate ligament injury.
It is useful for lower extremity injury prevention, return-to-field planning, and optimization of sports performance through the use of cameras and pressure insoles.

Technical features

This methodology allows for the evaluation of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury risk in athletes while performing a sporting act on the field. Based on the assessment of the knee valgus point, identified to be the most significant variable at the level of predicting ACL injury risk, the method combines inexpensive technologies with specific algorithms, with the aim of giving an objective and quantitative assessment of risk.
The method employs video analysis techniques through the use of commercial cameras for 3D reconstruction of the analyzed motion and calculation of the trajectories of anatomical repere points with video analysis software in addition to pressure sensors inserted in the shoe to detect the forces and pressures exerted by the foot.

Possible Applications

  • Lower extremity injury prevention;
  • Re-entry planning;
  • Optimization of sports performance;
  • Analysis of movement in general.


  • Applicable outdoors directly on the field during training sessions;
  • Applicable to all sports and athletic movements;
  • Accuracy comparable to a motion analysis laboratory;
  • Does not require expensive and sophisticated equipment.