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Accurate augmented reality on OST displays

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Wearable augmented reality (AR) systems based on Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) are the most ergonomic and effective solutions to guide hand-held procedures. Our device aims to overcome the critical issues to date, such as insufficient depth of field, low spatial resolution, or low light output of the display.

Technical features

In AR systems, the dimensional discrepancy between the view of the real world (4D) and the virtual content (2D) are a source of perceptual issues: the human eye is unable to focus correctly on both the real world and the virtual content, thus being incompatible with its use in precision tasks.By adding a positive lens in front of an Optical See-Throuhg display and implementing a user independent calibration method it is possible to significantly mitigate the real-virtual registration error due to eye-display parallax.

Possible Applications

  • Surgery;
  • Industry;
  • Assembly;
  • Maintenance.


  • Accurate registration;
  • Precise augmented reality guidance of a user during precision tasks;
  • Small system size, about 10 g in addition to the weight of the display;
  • Potentially feasible to implement any visual display on the market.