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Accelerator with optical power supply

High voltage generationOptical power supplyParticle accelerators


The system refers to a high voltage generator made by modular structures connected in series. Each module is wireless powered by photovoltaic cells illuminated by a laser system. Also each module is equipped with a control and monitoring board allowing excellent stability.

High voltage is used as electrical potential to accelerate protons provided by an ion source.

Technical features

The high voltage is generated via a new technique: the potential of each electrode is achieved by discs connected in series that work as voltage generators: stabilized, optically powered, and electrically floating. The power is fed with lasers on optical fibers, converted into electrical power by photovoltaic cells.

Thus, the accelerator is modular and scalable; features not available in the current devices. The electrical insulation is provided by a dielectric liquid. This allows a more economic, compact and easily maintainable product. Moreover, the voltage generators are independently stabilized. The use of a fluid avoids high pressure gases.

Possible Applications

  • Ion implantation;
  • X-Ray production for radiotherapy;
  • Radiation-Hard testing;
  • Material analysis (PIXE);
  • Every activity nowadays done with small particle accelerators.


  • Modularity;
  • Scalability;
  • Stability;
  • Absence of high pressure gas;
  • Ease of maintenance.