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The invention is a pharmaceutical composition for the healing of wounds with topical usage, effective and fast, even in the presence of ulcerous pathologies, and substantially free of side effects.

Technical features

The invention is a composition of known elements, such as essential and non-essential amino-acids, vitamins and other substances, actually used in wounds (including ulcers and burns) healing methods.

With respect to usually used mixtures, the proposed invention has an increased  duration and an easier laying.

The special composition allows the healing of wounds in organic tissues, which is complete, fast, and free from the development of infections and side effects, even when treating burns or ulcerous wounds derived from traumatic, diabetic, or vascular causes. This allows, with respect to actual treatments, an improved patient wellness and a cost saving for hospitals and clinics.

Possible Applications

  • Ulcerous wounds healing, regardless of their cause;
  • Application to patients with diabetic or vascular illnesses;
  • Prevention of infections and side effects development;
  • Sectors:
    – Clinics and hospitals;
    – Pharmaceutical companies.


  • Longer duration of the composition topic application;
  • Easy and fast application in case of ulcerous wounds;
  • Healing of several different types of wounds and ulcers applying the same composition;
  • Fast healing time.