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A steering head for motorcycles integrating steering damping means

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The present invention refers to the field of steering dampers for motorcycles, and most in particular it concerns a steering head integrating a magnetorheological (MR) steering damper.

Technical features

As known, a steering damper is supposed to damps oscillations that can occur on the steering system and can be transmitted to the handlebar of a motorcycle. Specifically in the field of motorcycling, it is particularly critical when there are such oscillations, since they can give way to a phenomenon of instability also known as the wobble effect. If not suitably dampened, the Wobble effect can also be very dangerous for the rider since it can lead to riding difficulties and the loss of control of the motorcycle. The object of the present invention is to provide an actual steering head integrating a damper with MR fluid in order to increase the efficiency and to reduce the constructive complexity maintaining a high riding comfort and to provide a steering head easily to assemble and disassemble.

Possible Applications

  • The invention can be of interest for the motorcycle manufacturers (OEMs), especially the ones that produce large to medium-sized motorcycles.


  • MR steering damper fully integrated in the motorcycle steering head;
  • This device reduces the relative rotation between the shaft and the steering head by a fluid activate by a magnetic field;
  • Ease of installation inside the headset;
  • A damping approximately null in absence of magnetic field.