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Providing Hydrorepellent Properties to a Fibrous Material

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The present technology regards a simple and economical process for the treatment of fibrous materials such as paper and fabrics, which allows to obtain water-repellent and water-resistant products.

Technical features

The process object of the invention is a post-treatment that makes any type of fabric hydrophobic, both for natural and synthetic fiber. The treatment consists in a deposition of a polymeric solution which contains charges of hydrophobic material. This material can be selected from various materials such as polymers or synthetic and natural waxes. The solution is easily applied using conventional techniques such as immersion or spraying. The drying of the solution takes place at room temperature thanks to the exposure to atmospheric humidity, or by heating the treated fibrous material at temperatures below 80 ° C. The product resulting from the process consists of hydrophobic composite fibers comprising a core of natural or synthetic fiber (original material), provided with a thin polymeric shell in which the hydrophobic material charges are incorporated

Possible Applications

  • Packaging for the food industry;
  • Fabrics for the textile sector (shoes, clothing, camping tents, garden furniture, awnings and boat cushions).


  • The process is simple and economical since it does not require complex or expensive equipment;
  • The process can easily be applied on an Industrial scale;
  • No pre-treatment of the substrate to be processed is required;
  • Depending on the choice of hydrophobic material, the coating material can be completely biodegradable;
  • The hydrophobic coating has excellent adhesion to fibrous materials such as cellulose, polyester, cotton and polyamide.