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A polymeric single body heart valve

Heart valvePoliurethanPolymeric valve


All over the world, the growing number of deaths caused by heart valve disease has made valve replacement the most common technique among surgeries. The present invention protects a process of manufacturing a heart valve made of a polymeric material, overcoming problems such as non-physiological flow conditions, calcification, anticoagulant treatments, and limited durability of the valve prostheses.

Technical features

Aim of the invention is a process for manufacturing a single body heart valve without discontinuities, by using an innovative material and a spray-machine technology capable of producing three-dimensional structures starting from polymer solutions. The selected material is a thermoplastic copolymer made of polycarbonate-urethane (PCU) containing silicon as a soft segment. This choice is due to the fact that the polycarbonate-urethane bond has a better oxidative resistance and therefore greater bio stability than the other polyurethanes. Such copolymer was cross-linked with additional functionalized silicone (PDMS) in order to combine the best mechanical strength, biocompatibility and superior biostability properties of PCU with the excellent haemocompatibility and calcification-resistance properties of silicone (PDMS) as a material of manufacture

Possible Applications

  • Manufacture of polymeric hearth valves that could replace the existing mechanical and biological valves currently in the market.


  • Excellent haemocompatibility;
  • High reproducibility of the process of the valve manufacture, with reduction of defects respect to the manual process currently used for biological pericardium prostheses;
  • Reduced costs and manufacturing time.