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A new therapy for spinal cord injury

BiopolymersElectrospinningTraumatic spinal cord injury


Traumatic injuries of the central nervous system is a serious health and socio-economic issue for which there is no treatment. The invention is a new pharmacotherapy  solution  for the prevention of secondary degeneration upon traumatic events.

Technical features

The incidence of traumatic spinal injury, eventually resulting in permanent motor and sensory disability, is estimated at 23 cases per million in the world, and in 16 cases per million in Europe. The disability severity is proportional not only to the primary lesion oringinating from the traumatic event, but also to the secondary degeneration evolving in the following days, being triggered by the trauma. The invention is conceived to deal with the acute phase of central nervous system lesions with inflammatory component for which there is no treatment, currently. It is an innovative pharmacotherapy solution obtained by introduction of two drugs never associated earlier, in a polymeric material allowing for the controlled release of these two drugs locally.

Possible Applications

  • Traumatic spinal cord injury requiring surgical stabilization of the vertebral column;
  • Pathologies/injuries not requiring surgical intervention.


  • Applicable to the highly invalidating injures, not yet subject to therapy;
  • Potential to limit the secondary degeneration responsible for the chronic disability, resulting from the primary injury.