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A new CAD-CAM surgical guide

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The present surgical guide allows minimally invasive corticotomic cuts without the risk of the bone overheating.

Technical features

The method described allows to perform a computer-guided piezocision surgery, a technique introduced in the clinical setting a few years ago, without the risk of the bone overheating. In currently known surgical guides, the presence of the track and the outer wall of the same guide prevent irrigation of the piezoelectric sheet, with consequent overheating. On the contrary, the presence of a plurality of openings on the device of the invention hinderse overheating of the piezoelectric sheet during piezocision operations and allows irrigation of the same, preferably with a saline solution. The minimal invasiveness and extreme precision of this method have already been widely demonstrated, but to date the risk of overheating during the preparation of the osteotomy remained unsolved. The invention can be extended to all CAD-CAM surgical guides or can be applied not only in computer-guided piezocision, but also in computer-guided implantology.

Possible Applications

  • Implantology;
  • Maxillofacial surgery;
  • Orthodontics.


  • Greater accuracy;
  • Less risk of overheating.