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A Multimedia infrastructure and a method to guide the visit to a site of interest

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A multimedia infrastructure and a method for visiting a site of cultural, archaeological or naturalistic interest that includes portable smart devices containing information about the site. The infrastructure is useful as a guide for tourists or visitors, but also for educational, recreational and/or entertainment applications.

Technical features

A multimedia infrastructure and a method to guide the visit to a site of interest, such as sites of cultural, archaeological or naturalistic interest. The infrastructure includes portable multimedia devices equipped with GPS antenna and memory card slots. Information about the site is stored in removable cards in advance; at least one of the multimedia devices can also store a log file containing information about the path taken during the visit. The multimedia infrastructure, of limited cost, and the method of guidance for visiting a site of cultural interest can be used flexibly, i.e. not only as an aid to guide tourists or visitors in general, but also for educational applications, games and/or entertainment in general. The multimedia infrastructure and the driving method can be easily adapted to different sites.

Possible Applications

  • Visits to archaeological sites or museums that cannot be modified for sophisticated installations;
  • Visits to natural parks where the technological infrastructure could be expensive or could have a negative impact on the site;
  • Suitable for all contexts of visiting a physical place, possibly outdoor, but not only.


  • Does not require any installation, thus preserving the site of interest;
  • Easily customizable with the authoring tool, then suitable for any site;
  • Encourages group activities;
  • Increases the visiting experience by enhancing learning, it is ideal for children aged 10-16 years.