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A multi-depth sensorised micro sampling system

Autonomous Underwater VehiclesHigh marine depthOceanographySubmarine monitoringWater sampling


The present invention provides a suitable water sampling system for high depths. Compatible with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles or other underwater vehicles. The sampling system is able to independently perform a multiplicity of sampling cycles.

Technical features

The sampling system can be mounted on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles or other underwater vehicles and can independently run a variety of sampling and analysis cycles with proper programming of its electronic component. Online use of the measuring instrument and on-time transmission or storage of test results avoid to bring the sample to the analysis lab. The system is capable of operating at high depths and consists of: a watertight body housing a cylinder in which a motorized piston detects two separate watertight rooms; a fluid circuit, pipes and solenoid valves, which communicate the rooms with the pressurized exterior for sampling and which also communicate with not pressurized environment for sample distribution to the measuring instrument and electrical and electronic components for motor control and actuation and solenoid valves.

Possible Applications

  • Submarine monitoring;
  • Oceanography;
  • Chemical, biochemical and biological analyses;
  • Water analysis;
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles;
  • Other Underwater Vehicles (ROV).


  • Synchronization of the valves, which allows you not to use a power engine to overcome the external pressure and move the cylinder;
  • Use different materials (stainless steel AISI 316) depending on the depths you want to reach and the compatibility requirements with the liquid to be analyzed;
  • The piston, inner chamber and valve parts can be coated with “inert” material (PTFE) to avoid any contamination.