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A molecular strategy for specific regulation of FOXC2

Foxc2Regulation of ExpressionRNA


The present invention consists of a polynucleotide sequence encoding a molecule capable of specifically down-regulate FOXC2. This molecule determines a potent suppression of FOXC2 protein expression. The compound can be considered a new molecular strategy capable of inhibit FOXC2, a transcription factor known, to be involved in several human cancers.

Technical features

The present invention can be described as a new nucleic acid-based therapeutic strategy. A polynucleotide sequence (SAS), capable of promoting an interfering response on lncFOXC2 function, was cloned In an eukaryotic expression vector. This sequence was co-transfected with an expression vector containing FOXC2-GFP in different cell lines of human cancers (HeLa, HT29, MG63).

The results are shown in Figures 1-3.  HeLa cells have been transfected with FOXC2-GFP alone and with FOXC2-GFP+SAS. SAS promotes the complete suppression of FOXC2-GFP expression (Fig. 1, Immunofluorescence analysis). RT-PCR was performed to evaluate the inhibition of FOXC2 mRNA expression in cancer cells transfected as reported above (Fig. 2). Finally, western blotting analysis revealed that SAS is also capable to down-regulate the endogenous expression of FOXC2 protein (Fig. 3).  SAS is a polynucleotide sequence that induces FOXC2 knockdown

Possible Applications

  • Osteosarcoma;
  • Breast cancer;
  • Colon Cancer.


  • High specificity;
  • Efficient down-regulation of FOXC2 expression.