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A compact neutron collimator



Neutron collimator exploiting a multichannel configuration that guarantees high collimating capabilities in a compact size. The field of view can be easily adapted to the application without degrading the collimating capacity. The field of non-destructive inspections performed with neutrons, such as radiography and tomography, represents its optimal industrial application.

Technical features

Non-destructive investigations with neutrons, such as radiography and tomography, are fundamental in the biomedical, automotive, precision mechanics, and aerospace sectors. Today these studies are carried out in nuclear reactors or large accelerator facilities equipped with very intense neutron sources and large dedicated areas where long neutron collimators are placed. The invention consists in a compact collimator for neutrons which, by eliminating the constraint of large spaces, extends the possibility to carry out these inspections also in small and medium scale facilities, in this way amplifying accessibility. The new collimation technology exploits a multichannel structure, created by alternating absorbing channels for neutrons to ones capable of collimating them.

Possible Applications

  • Industrial radiography with neutrons;
  • Neutron tomography;
  • Neutron scattering studies;
  • Materials science;
  • Archaeometry;
  • Forensic science.


  • More accessible neutron investigations;
  • Limited spaces are required;
  • Low intensity neutron sources;
  • Cost effective.